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Entry formalities in Burkina Faso

Entry formalities in Burkina Faso

How to get to Burkina Faso?

Burkina Faso is a landlocked country in the heart of West Africa. It has two international airports, Ouagadougou and Bobo-Dioulasso, which can accommodate all types of aircraft and a dozen secondary airfields for light aircraft: Bogandé; Dédougou; Diapaga; Djibo; Dori; Fada-N'gourma; Gorom-Gorom; Orodora; Ouahigouya; Po. Ouagadougou is regularly connected by air to Paris, Algiers, Dakar, Niamey, Bamako, Accra, Cotonou, Lomé and Abidjan. Burkina Faso has had a national airline "AIR BURKINA" since 1967. Today privatized, it has its own planes which serve some capitals of West African countries: Togo, Benin, Niger, Cote d'Ivoir, Mali and Senegal. In 2005, Air Burkina opened a regular line twice a week to Paris - Orly.
For the nationals of the member countries of the West African Community (ECOWAS), the national identity card is sufficient. Nationals of non-ECOWAS countries must have a passport. valid. A visa is mandatory. It can be obtained from embassies and Burkina Faso consulates abroad :

France: 159, boulevard Hausmann, 75008 Paris, tel: - amba.burkina.faso@wanadoo.fr
France: 473, rue Paradis - 13008 Marseille, tel. 04 91 71 90 06 - Mr. Roubaud, Consul honorary
France: 35, av. Maréchal-de-Saxe - 69006 Lyon, tel: 04 78 24 76 - M. Grollemund, Honorary Consul
France: 66, quai de Boisguilbert - 76007 Rouen Cedex, tel: 02 35 07 95 01 - M. Patrizio, Honorary Consul
France : 17, route de la Lande - 86170 Avanton (Poitiers), tel : 05 49 51 63 79 - M Caudon, Honorary Consul
France: 49,av du Loup - 06270 Villeneuve-Loubet-Plage (Nice), tel: 04 93 20 22 11 - Mr. Aicardi de St. Paul, Honorary Consul
Italy: via Alessandria, 26 00198 Rome, tel. (39) 06 44 25 00 52 - ambabf.roma@tin.it
Belgium: Place Guy d'Arezzo, 16, Brussels 1180. tel : (2) 345 99 12 - ambassade.burkina@skynet.be
Germany: 18 Wendlstadtallee, 53179 Bad Godesberg, Bonn. tel: (49) 228 95297-0 - embassy_burkina_faso@t-online.de
Denmark: Svanemollevej 20, 2100 Copenhagen - tel: (45) 39 18 40 22 - amba@ambaburkina.dk
Austria: Prinz Eugen Strasse 18/3A 1040 Vienna - tel: (431) 503 82 64 - s.p@abfvienne.at
Algeria: 23, Lotissement El Feth Poirson El-Biar Algeri - BP 212 Didouche Mourad, Algiers tel: (213.21) 92 33 39 / 92 28 41 - abfalger@yahoo.fr
Morocco: 7, rue Ai Boussiri Agdal Rabat - BP 6484-10101 Rabat Institutes tel: (00212) 03 7 67 55 12 - ambfrba@smirt.net.ma
United States: 2340 Massachusetts Avenue, N.W. - Washington,DC 20008 tel: (001202) 332 55 77 - ambawdc@rcn.com
Canada: 48 Range Road - Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, KIN 8J4. tel: (001613) 238 47 96 fax: (001613) 238 38 12 - burkina.faso@sympatico.ca
China (Taipei): 6G, N°9-1, lane 62, Tien Mou West road Taïpei 111, Taiwan R.O.C. tel: (00886-22) 28 73 30 96 - abftap94@ms17.hinet.net
Cuba :Calle 7MA Avenida, N°8401 Entre / 84 Miramar Plava tel: (537) 24 28 95 - ambfaso@cenial.inf.cu
Switzerland : The visa will be taken in Paris (France), Brussels (Belgium) or Berlin (Germany). (Germany)

For a stay of less than two months, or for nationals of countries with no representation in Burkina Faso, the visa can be obtained directly upon arrival at the airport of Ouagadougou. (bring two passport photos + cost of the visa).
The currency used in Burkina Faso, as in most of the French-speaking countries of West Africa, is the CFA franc (African Financial Community). Its value is fixed in relation to the Euro :
655,957 FCFA = 1 € (euros)

Attention, since the devaluation of the CFA franc in January 1994, it is forbidden to leave the CFA franc. CFA franc of its zone of use; it is therefore not possible to make the exchange outside its zone of use. of this area.
The international visa card is often accepted by merchants. Some major international banks have agreements or subsidiaries in Ouagadougou and it is possible to Withdraw money by presenting a passport, a checkbook and an "international visa card.".
The BICIA - B, a major bank established in Ouagadougou and several cities in Burkina Faso has several usable cash dispensers in Ouagadougou and Bobo-Dioulasso with an "international visa" card.
To make routine purchases (at the market for example) or to pay for a race in It is prudent to carry small bills and coins for cabs, as change is scarce. at most small traders. On the other hand, the cost of living is very different between the big cities (especially Ouagadougou) and the "bush".
The hotel business, depending on the category of the establishment, can be expensive, it is the same with imported western products, especially since the devaluation of the CFA franc. The car rental, a very useful service for the tourist remains a luxury that has its price. On the other hand, considering the standard of living, locally manufactured items such as arts and crafts are very affordable for the western tourist.
Personal belongings are imported duty free. Hunters must have an authorization to carry weapons and must request, through specialized hunting agencies, authorization to bring hunting weapons into Burkina Faso.

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