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  par ONTB     14-06-2022     Evènement  

Tourism satellite accounts

The Director General of the Burkinabè National Tourist Office (ONTB), Mr. Kiswendsida Marie Aimé OUEDRAOGO, has been taking part since Monday, June 13, 2022 in Cotonou, Republic of Benin, in the regional capacity-building workshop for experts from Member States. For the establishment of tourism satellite accounts.

In addition to the DG/ONTB, the Burkina Faso delegation is made up of Mr. Bassirou BALBONE, Director of the National Tourism Observatory, Mr. Pascal OUEDRAOGO, Secretary General of the Federation of Employers' Organizations of Tourism and Hospitality of Burkina (FOPATH-B) and representing the private tourism sector, and Mr. Ferdinand NEYA, statistician-economist engineer at the National Institute of Statistics and Demography (INSD.

This activity is part of the implementation of the Regional Tourism Development Program (PRDTOUR) in the UEMOA region.

As a reminder, the Tourism Satellite Account (TSA) is the international standard for measuring the economic effects of tourism in an economy compared to other sectors of activity and/or the economies of other countries. This is a statistical synthesis operation consisting of a series of accounts and tables, based on the methodological principles the input-output model, which presents the different dimensions economic aspects of tourism in an integrated manner with other activities and sectors of the economy.

Thus, for five (5) days, participants will discuss the framework, challenges, stages and methods of setting up and operationalizing tourism satellite accounts in the Member States of the Community space.


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