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Discovering Laongo

Burkina Faso has a rich cultural and tourist heritage, making it a privileged destination for national and international tourists. One of the many tourist attractions that force the admiration of tourists is undoubtedly the granite sculptures of Laongo.

The creation of the tourist site was born from the initiative of local artists who were looking for a place conducive to artistic expression. The project was presented by the National Committee of Plastic Arts of Burkina Faso in 1988 and was approved by the public authorities on the same date.

 The village of Laongo was designated as the ideal place for artistic creations. The site presents a rugged relief covered with granite boulders, ideal for sculptures of all kinds. The works of art are carved directly on the rock, giving them a unique originality, hence the name of the site "The Granite Sculptures of Laongo". The site gathers several works of art by national and foreign artists. To date, there are more than two (200) hundred types of artistic creations involving different social themes.

Every year, artists from all over the world are invited to participate in a symposium held on the Laongo site. It is an opportunity for participants to express their creativity by letting their imagination speak on the boulders. This site alone is a true open-air museum, which immerses visitors in a wild environment, while the sculptures give the site a touch of modernity. Visitors will enjoy the majestic sculptures as far as the eye can see, which are carefully carved with passion and precision.

The site is easily accessible by land 35 km east of Ouagadougou in the town of Ziniaré and about ten kilometers further on in the village of Laongo.

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