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If this art is still as alive as ever, it is because it is the legacy of a long tradition that predates historical times.

Production techniques, forms and functions have evolved over the ages.

The functions of pottery are very numerous, first of all in domestic life, but also in the fields of religion, medicine, architecture and even music.

Today, in spite of the appearance of modern materials, the use of pottery is still current. Indeed, almost every family in Burkina or in Africa owns at least one canary.  

The village of Tcheriba is famous for its pottery. They are made by hand, dried, decorated, stained and then fired.

The method of firing is very particular since there is no kiln: the objects are placed on a bed of branches and are covered with other small branches. The flaming of the whole is enough to fire the clay objects and gives irregular shades to the pottery.


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The village of Tchériba is located 185km from Ouagadougou the political capital of Burkina Faso and 50km from the city of Dédougou.

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