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Animal Park of Ziniaré

Animal Park of Ziniaré

Image Animal Park of Ziniaré

Located 30 km east of Ouagadougou, the animal park of Ziniaré is full of fascinating attractions that attract adventurous travelers. It shelters animals in semi-liberty and surrounds the residence of President Compaoré and that of his brother François. When it opened in the 1990s, this park was a real source of pride for Burkina Faso and the city of Ziniaré, capital of the Central Plateau region. You will find zebras, gazelles, lions, warthogs, birds, ostriches, elephants, buffaloes, and the famous hippos. The park is very large and you will need a car if you want to visit everything without getting tired. It has guides who know the park and the animals well.


Hopefully all pseudo parks of this kind will disappear forever! It is necessary to preserve this park well because it is of capital importance for the rising generation. How many of these children know about wild animals only through TV? This initiative is to be preserved because it allows at the same time to perpetuate certain endangered breeds.


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Animal Park of Ziniaré



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