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Botanical Garden Bantia (Jardin botanique Bantia)

Botanical Garden Bantia (Jardin botanique Bantia)

Image Botanical Garden Bantia (Jardin botanique Bantia)

Jardin Botanique Bantia is located in the east of Burkina Faso in the town of Fada N'Gourma.

In addition to a nice stroll, it plays an educational role with schools who come to discover the different species, labeled with their names in Latin and gulmancema. The garden is inhabited by a wild fauna: guinea fowl, partridges, lizards, agoutis... but also some animals bred in captivity, like this boa of more than five meters!

Two water points allow the introduction of fish. Old objects of local agriculture and hunting have been found and kept in a hut, watched by a big turtle. Possibility to spend the night in one of the 8 huts of the camp.

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Information and schedules 

Entrance: 500 FCFA/person.

Count 3 000 FCFA/person in a ventilated box.

No restauration.

Phone : +226 72 40 89 78

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