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Kouka Mask Museum

Kouka Mask Museum

Image Kouka Mask Museum

The museum has three levels.

  1. The first level  which is occupied by the initiates who work there during the initiations.
  2. As for the second level, there sit the priests of the initiation. Their task is to finalize the initiation by showing the new initiates the ways to follow.
  3. The third level is occupied by the one qualified as the first occupant. This part of the museum is considered to be the mother house because "it is where our ancestors rest," according to a local guide.


The exhibition room

In the Kouka Mask Museum, there is also an exhibition room of masks, installed according to categories. Among them, three are considered sacred.

In addition, there are masks that represent domestic animals. "These animals are used for the economic development of man," says Sigri Norbert Sana. And so for him, it was appropriate to be grateful to them by honoring them with masks carved in their images. In addition, there are masks that represent the life of the "bobo".

We find there the presence of musical instruments such as drums, dabas, axes, knives, etc.. These tools, according to Sigri Norbert Sana, are displayed separately, far from the women because of tradition.


The place of women

At the Kouka mask museum, women are not left out. There is also a room reserved for them. In this room are tools, kitchen utensils such as spatulas, baskets, canaries and mortars.

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Kouka Mask Museum

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