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Kaya African Furnace Museum

Kaya African Furnace Museum

Image Kaya African Furnace Museum

This place is home to a great science, that of heat management in almost every region of the continent.

The Furnace Museum gathers in its heart a multitude of furnaces, coming from different areas of Burkina but also from all over Africa. An accumulation of techniques and constructions that required a certain amount of time from Mr. Bamago, the person at the origin of this place of science. He justifies his initiative with the following quote: "It is to prove that in Africa there is science, there is knowledge. People come from very far away to come and see these stoves".

Today, the stoves of Burkina Faso (Sanmatenga, Houet, Passoré, Noumbiel, Namentenga and soon Tapoa), Ivory Coast, Niger, Mali and South Africa are listed. Each year blacksmiths from the regions of Burkina, countries of the sub-region and other regions of Africa are invited. They come, build and make demonstrations.

It is also necessary to underline the willingness of the blacksmiths to propagate their knowledge and their cultures because the counterpart for the construction of these stoves is almost nil, just the assumption of housing and investment costs, the construction of the stoves being done on a voluntary basis.

A beautiful place to visit and beautiful things to show to the future generation, which moreover will contribute to the spread of African culture and knowledge!

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Kaya African Furnace Museum

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