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Museum of Warba (Musée de Warba)

Museum of Warba (Musée de Warba)

Image Museum of Warba (Musée de Warba)

It is part of a dynamic that aims to provide the province of Ganzourgou with a living memory of the Warba festival, with a view to perpetuating Warba dance. The Museum preserves and exhibits musical instruments, dance accoutrements, photos and paintings produced within the framework of the festival.

The Warba is one of the most important and popular dances of the moaga milieu. Indeed, a dance of endurance and flexibility, Warba is also a challenging opportunity for dancers to test the occult forces by throwing projectiles known as "peebre" in the Moorish language.

The Warba Museum exhibition is an invitation to a journey into a world where rationality and mysticism, strength and grace, pain and joy, etc., interpenetrate.

The Warba Museum is located at the entrance of the city of Zorgho, on the right coming from Ouagadougou by the National Road N°4 and it faces the barracks of the National Gendarmerie.

It can be visited by appointment, taking contact with the promoters.

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Museum of Warba

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