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Hotel de l'amitié

Hotel de l'amitié

Image Hotel de l'amitié

Founded by a former diplomat in love with his city, the Hôtel de l'Amitié has rooms of different categories, accessible for all budgets.

It has a quality air-conditioned restaurant Pougsasa (count 7 000 FCFA the meal, on the menu: tajine, couscous, carpaccio, grilled captain, grilled meats, royal pancakes) as well as a large swimming pool with terrace equipped with tables to have a drink or a meal.

L'Amitié I also has a maquis-style restaurant with a good choice of dishes (rice sauce, fatty rice, grilled chicken and steak, seasonal vegetables and fruits). Count from 3,000 to 4,000 FCFA per meal. Was not operating at the time of our survey.

Finally, l'Amitié has an associative radio of the same name (since 1994) broadcasting music, information and awareness messages (100.4 FM). Possibility of obtaining information to organize an excursion.


Information and schedules 

A total of 46 and 34 rooms.

Amitié I: rooms ventilated to 8 500 FCFA, air-conditioned from 18 000 to 25 000 FCFA.

Amitié II: air-conditioned rooms at 30 000 FCFA.

Breakfast is only taken at Amitié II: 2 500 FCFA. Mosquito net on request.

Swimming pool (1 500 FCFA for outdoor).


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Tel: +226 76 61 26 00 / 24 55 05 21
Email: amitie@fasonet.bf

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