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Baobab's camp

Baobab's camp

Image Baobab's camp

At 7 km on the road that goes from Banfora to the waterfalls of Kerfiguéla, the Baobab camp is a little set back on the left, at the level of the village of Lémouroudougou.

A vast courtyard at the entrance is surrounded by small straw huts mounted on roast trunks (perfect for making good pillars, and incidentally palm wine called bandji).

There is on one side a space fitted out as a kitchen, and on the other side the toilets as they are conceived a little everywhere in Burkina.

At the back of the courtyard, a bar isolates about ten huts located at the back of the camp, and daily visitors. Accommodation is therefore by renting huts of 2 or 3 places, for 6000 Fcfa per night.

Meals cost between 1500 and 3000 Fcfa.

No Coca-Cola signs, nor sheet metal furniture. A royal calm, and a very lively environment because of the many villages scattered in the surroundings.

The camp offers in addition to the huts a camping area at 1500fcfa per person. The menu of the restaurant is quite varied (African and European dishes) Pizza on wood fire (on order).

The price of the boxes is :

Simple boxes (bed for two people) 5000fcfa.

Triple cases (two beds for one and two people).

Possibility to rent bicycles on the spot.

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Tel: (00226) 76 01 28 18
Email: baobabcamp@hotmail.fr

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