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Hostel of Tiébélé

Hostel of Tiébélé

Image Hostel of Tiébélé

Kunkolo is a pleasant camp managed by Pierre, composed of 14 huts built on the model of the Tiébélé concessions and decorated with care by the women of the village.

Between 2 and 6 people can stay in the octagonal huts, while the rectangular huts, very nicely decorated, each have a double bed.

However, travelers often opt for the roof terraces, which are an ideal place for starry sky lovers. A magical place! We recommend it! The courtyard is adorned with beautiful works of art made of recycled materials, amidst flamboyant mango and bougainvillea trees.

The showers are bucket showers, and the toilets are a cross between Africa and Europe.

As you enter the camp, on the left, the restaurant, with its two large hornbills, offers cheap and good quality meals.

A pleasant stopover to eat and quench your thirst, even if you don't sleep there, order before!

Moreover, Pierre will be able to direct you towards beautiful walks in the surrounding nature, and will be able to advise you good guides for the visit of the Royal Court.

Information and schedules

Double box: 5 000 FCFA, 1000 FCFA the extra mattress.

Dormitory bed (up to 20 people) : 2 500 FCFA. Catering to order.

Breakfast : 1 000 FCFA, meals from 1 000 FCFA.

Electricity via solar panels.

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Tel: +226 76 53 44 55 / +226 76 53 44 77
Email: info@ontb.bf

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