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The FITD was born in 1988. The ATB wanted to promote sub-regional and then global mobilization for the benefit of the theater for development, for which it aspires to become the global meeting place. This term covers a wide range of practices, all of which engage the viewer's conscience and prompt them to think and act.


The FITD is for those who unabashedly recognize a social purpose in their art. It is a place of convergence where artists from all countries can dialogue. It allows the dissemination of innovative experiences such as the practice of forum theater.


Theater for professionals, theater for amateurs, theater for grassroots communities, the FITD is the place where various theatrical practices blend together art and pleasure with social utility.


The FITD is deliberately part of a dynamic of cultural affirmation of Africa and the black man. It builds bridges between artists and African youths thus making its contribution to the construction of African unity.

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