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  par ONTB     06-09-2021     Evènement  

Promotion du Tourisme interne

Promotion of internal tourism: Minister THIOMBIANO on the banks of the Samendeni dam

Dr Élise Foniyama ILBOUDO / THIOMBIANO, Minister of Culture, Arts and Tourism, visited the site of the Samendeni dam.

Through a guided tour by Mr. André Sanou, head of the technical service of the Samendeni Valley Integrated Development Program, the Minister contemplated the dam's spillway and walked along the dike to wait for the sampling tower. She ended her visit with this imposing ten-storey building, entirely constructed of concrete.

 The feeling of Minister THIOMBIANO, there is immense potential to be exploited on this site. She spoke about the water resources, the island and the islets that offer possibilities in the fields of hotels, restaurants and services.

For the minister, the exploitation of agricultural activities does not prevent the development of tourist activities. The Samendeni dam, built on the Mouhoun river, covers a flooded area of ​​153 km2, with a capacity of 1 billion 50 million m 3.


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